The Coffee Break Show with Vickie Helm

Reimagine Yourself!

March 02, 2022 Vickie Helm / Dr Tammy Euliano Season 4 Episode 95
The Coffee Break Show with Vickie Helm
Reimagine Yourself!
Show Notes

Join Vickie Helm and special guest Dr Tammy Euliano as they explore the journey through transitions in life: switching careers, moving from mastery to beginnings to mastery again as an author. #FatalIntent #encorepreneur #reimagine #author

Show Notes:
3:07      Pivotal moments to reimagine your life 
9:00      Embrace the learning curve
10:30    Process to publish-how to determine whether to self publish or go with a                         publisher
15:35    How to know you're ready to take the leap to another career
19:58    Set a time to write daily, treat it like a good job
35:03    3 pieces of advice for novice authors
39:45    Get your support systems in place to help with the editing, reviewing and                        endorsing tasks
45:31   Good Reads beta readers community                        

Quotes from Dr. Tammy
16:13    The only thing you can't edit is an empty page
21:21    Knock that off your to do list, and not just off your to do list, but off your                            guilt list

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