The Coffee Break Show with Vickie Helm

How to Become More Persuasive

June 29, 2022 Vickie Helm / Matt DiMaio Season 5 Episode 110
The Coffee Break Show with Vickie Helm
How to Become More Persuasive
Show Notes

Presented with YouTube’s Silver Play Button Award for his widely popular channel: “Be Smarter Faster”, Matt teaches you how to learn everything and anything faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.  His training ideas and videos have gained millions of views and have received tens of thousands of exuberant testimonials from his fans around the planet.

He is the author of 3 books on Amazon: “How To Remember People’s Names”, “Forgetful No More”, and his latest, “Straight ‘A’ Strategies for Successful Online Learning.”  

💎Topics Discussed in this Episode💎
11:08   "Remembering people's names, is the single most important interpersonal communication skill that you can have" ~ Matt DiMaio
12:42  Get the Competitive edge
17:36   School tells you what to learn. Matt DiMiaio teaches you how to learn it
18:20   1st Cause of Forgetery
20:00   2nd Cause of Forgetery
21:51   3rd Cause of Forgetery
29:40   Use this simple technique to remember names
31:10   Humanity's greatest power
33:33   4 Ways to help you remember names
34:19   One quick way to remember unusual names
36:41   Use Rhyme and Rhythm for Remembering
50:55   Are you using your Mirror Technique daily? 

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