The Coffee Break Show with Vickie Helm

Are You Ready to be a World Changer?

November 02, 2022 Vickie Helm / Cinnamon Alvarez Season 5 Episode 127
The Coffee Break Show with Vickie Helm
Are You Ready to be a World Changer?
Show Notes

Cinnamon is a champion of social entrepreneurship and an advocate for people making an impact through their work. She herself has built four successful businesses.

She is also an author, speaker, consultant, and artist. Her passion for service shows up in all aspects of her work. Cinnamon has honed her business acumen and discernment over decades at her thriving ceramic lighting manufacturing company, A19.

She has also founded an art gallery, operated a fitness franchise, authored the best-selling book Generating Your Own Happiness, and co-founded World Changemaker where she co-facilitates the R.O.I. (Raising One’s Impact) Retreat.

In addition to entrepreneurship, Cinnamon also enjoys serving on her local Workforce Development Board and leveraging her knowledge and experience to give back. Her efforts have been recognized in the following honors:

The Network of Executive Women in Hospitality Award of Excellence and Network of Outstanding Women Motivator Award, among others. The greatest award is that of contributing to others and seeing them make a difference in the world.

🗝Key Points in This Episode
06:08   Imagine a world where..
09:36   If you are a gift to the world, what is that gift?
11:00  Own Your Own Greatness
16:44  Act instantly on that spark of inspiration
18:25  Not about the bottom line, it's about the Service
20:28  Don't Accept Your Sexy Excuses
31:37  Why you need to put skin in the game and commit
47:55 Ready to Take the Cinnamon Challenge? 
59:55  Anything and Everyone can make a difference

You make an impact in the world everyday whether you do it consciously or unconsciously

If you have enjoyed the energy, enthusiasm and real world expertise of Cinnamon Alvarez, AND you're ready to step into being a WORLD CHANGER...check out her upcoming retreat:

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