The Coffee Break Show with Vickie Helm

Narcissists and Relief for Their Victims

January 26, 2022 Vickie Helm / Tracy Malone Season 4 Episode 90
The Coffee Break Show with Vickie Helm
Narcissists and Relief for Their Victims
Show Notes

Please join Vickie Helm and special guest Tracy Malone. Grab your coffee and get ready for a great conversation about everything #Narcissism, #Narcissists and Relief for Their Victims

Show Notes
3:08    What is a narcissist?
8:08    How do you know you're in a narcissistic relationship?
9:52    The psychological abuse of gaslighting
13:10  Are you too Trusting , too quickly?
13:50  Who is the perfect target for a narcissist?
16:15  Family history predisposes one to the guiles of a narcissist
27:22  Ratio of men to women narcissists
29:25  6% of the population are narcissists affecting 200M people
46:45  What's the difference between domestic violence and narcissist abuse?
50:50  So when you pick your friends, are you picking friends, because they need a friend or because they are a friend?

Tracy Malone is a surTHRIVER of narcissistic abuse, speaker, educator, and an emotional abuse coach.
Tracy is the founder of, a global resource to victims of emotional abuse which offers support to those trying to break the ties with the narcissists in their lives.

Tracy is the author of DIVORCING Your NARCISSIST: You Can’t Make This Shit Up! and ten other books on narcissists and well has her new targeted healing journals which she had published close to 30.

Contact info is Go to my website

Narcissist from there you will find my social media links, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, My Podcast, and YouTube channel ~

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